From concept to final product under strict supervision and quality control.
Concept consulting
We make market and location analyzes and conduct workshops with customers to define the most appropriate specifications. We construct creative and innovative concepts to be the best in the market. With our expertise, we design concepts focusing on customer engagement and positive shopping experiences. Our focus is to increase your sales by making your product a hero, and by making your  shop a place to be.
Project design and visualisation
Before we build your shop, before we deliver the POS for your product. We devise different designs to demonstrate and test the best possible solution and of course the optimum cost-benefit ratio. We use 3D programs so that you can see today how your product and your newly styled shop will look tomorrow. We incorporate different material combinations such as metal, wood, plastic, glass and LED lighting, in order to show you the best possible outcomes.
From construction to manufacturing to installation
All the products we manufacture are professionally created with our CAD programs, and the data is automatically transferred to the production lines. We do this because we want you to get your perfect product at the right time. Our highly trained production team completes all tasks under the strict supervision of our quality control. Finally, your products go to our in house assembly areas. Our service doesn't end there! We also transport the product with our own fleet of vehicles to wherever you are in Europe, and our teams of assemblers construct your entire shop.
Select equipment and pricing according to your requirements.